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Ramana Yeruva has been working with MySQL Database team since June-2012. He is currently employed by Oracle, based in Bangalore. He is Principal Member of Technical Staff and member of SystemQA team in MySQL,Oracle.Actively involved in testing of commercial plugins,compatibility,deployments,rpms,partly security and yum and apt repos of development and maintenance releases of MySQL Server. Prior to Oracle,worked in Huawei Technologies involved in-memory database,webservices,BI applications testing.

Testing MySQL repository packages: how we make sure they work for you

Around nine months ago, we launched the MySQL yum repositories for Enterprise Linux and Fedora, followed by apt repos for Debian and Ubuntu back in May. We’re extremely happy that the repos have proved to be a big hit with the community: the monthly number of downloads hit 100K recently and it is still growing briskly. Indeed, the repos are now our most important community distribution... Read More