2 thoughts on “Live from the world of MySQL RE

  1. This is all extra cool, thanks for the effort!

    May I ask if there is any plan to also support repositories for Debian/Ubuntu?
    After all the .deb files are already built and made available for download via the web…
    (I know this is already tracked on bug #60833, but no estimate is given there)

  2. Hi,

    One of the things we’re working hard on right now is to improve our Debian/Ubuntu packages. This is work we’re doing in the Debian community together with the distro package maintainers. You can follow the progress on the Debian dev lists. Once we have that done we will improve our own Deb/Ubuntu packages, and time will show how we choose to deliver them 😉

    So all in all, it may take some time, but good things will happen on Debian/Ubuntu as well.

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