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MySQL Utilities is one of those gems that every MySQL user should know about. They simplify and help automate a wide range of tasks and activities that everyone from casual users to seasoned DBAs may need to carry out on their MySQL setup from time to time, all the way from cloning users, copying databases and exporting data to managing replication topologies and failover.

This has been on our list of products to put into the MySQL repos for a long time. But the collection of utilities  is evolving quickly, with new features and improvements being added all the time, and when I’ve approached the dev team to get the repo effort underway, they’ve always been responding “Hey, can’t we wait until the next release? We have all these cool new features lined up for that!”

Well, we finally convinced them that what they have now is more than good enough to go into the repo. So as of this morning, you can go to the repo setup page and grab the relevant setup package, and within minutes, you will have at your disposal some pretty powerful stuff to help you maintain and run your MySQL system.

Want to know more about MySQL Utilities? Here are a couple of pointers:

And as usual, drop me a comment if you have viewpoints on the MySQL repos in general or the Utilities packages specifically. And should you (*shudder*) encounter problems when using our repos, please submit a bug report.

Yngve Svendsen

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Yngve Svendsen has been part of the MySQL organization since 2008. Based in Trondheim, Norway, he is Senior Director of MySQL Engineering Services and responsible for Release Engineering, QA and development lab IT services for the MySQL org at Oracle. Back in the mists of time he majored in mathematics before the dot com wave swept him into the devops field, first at the database startup company Clustra Inc. and then for Sun Microsystems. In 2005 he joined the Dark Side by becoming a manager in Sun's Database Group which was merged into the MySQL org when Sun acquired MySQL in 2008.

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