Monthly Archives: April 2021

Announcing MySQL Cluster 8.0.24, 7.6.18, 7.5.22, 7.4.32, and 7.3.33

We are pleased to announce the release of MySQL Cluster 8.0.24, the latest GA, along with 7.6.18, 7.5.22, 7.4.32, and 7.3.33. MySQL Cluster is the distributed, shared-nothing variant of MySQL. This storage engine provides: In-Memory storage – Real-time performance (with optional checkpointing to disk) Transparent Auto-Sharding – Read & write scalability Active-Active/Multi-Master... Read More

Announcing MySQL Server 8.0.24 and 5.7.34

MySQL Server 8.0.24 and 5.7.34, new versions of the popular Open Source Database Management System, have been released. These releases are recommended for use on production systems. For an overview of what’s new, please see For information on installing the release on new... Read More