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Official MySQL RE announcements

MySQL Introduces Support for Fedora 32 and Ubuntu 20.04

When MySQL 8.0.20 was released a couple of weeks ago, we added support for new versions of two of the most popular Linux distros out there, Fedora 32 and Ubuntu’s much anticipated new long-term support release, 20.04. Over a number of years, we have invested heavily in modernization of our code base, better integration with native system libraries and services, support for modern... Read More

Announcing MySQL Cluster 8.0.20, 7.6.14, 7.5.18, 7.4.28, and 7.3.29

We are pleased to announce the release of MySQL Cluster 8.0.20, the latestGA, along with 7.6.14, 7.5.18, 7.4.28, and 7.3.29. MySQL Cluster is the distributed, shared-nothing variant of MySQL. This storage engine provides: In-Memory storage – Real-time performance (with optionalcheckpointing to disk) Transparent Auto-Sharding – Read & write... Read More

MySQL is Ready for Fedora 31

Fedora 31 is out today; another rev on one of the most popular community Linux distros out there. As usual, we support the latest Fedora from day one, and we have added the following MySQL products to our official MySQL yum repos: MySQL Server (8.0.18 and 5.7.28)Connector C++ 8.0.18Connector Python 8.0.18Connector ODBC 8.0.18Connector Java 8.0.18Router 8.0.18Shell 8.0.18Workbench... Read More

The Amazing Shrinking Tarball

MySQL has grown over the years, with much richer functionality and indeed support for whole new usage scenarios. However, all this goodness comes along with another kind of growth, namely a considerable increase in the size of the binary distribution of MySQL Server. We’re now taking some quite significant steps to address this. In many cases package size is not really a problem: most... Read More